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Particle Accelerator Training: Day 13

10AM. We're so almost there. The baby has been sleeping for almost an hour and a half - glory be! I managed to empty the dishwasher and straighten up a bit, and even read to Q. I did, however, put on makeup for the first time in a few weeks in lieu of folding the diapers. I figure its better to feel human this morning.

Feeling a little bit like supermom. I wonder if it has anything to do with wearing Boop's ring? She was kind of a supermom - she was still a great lady even with all those kids and under difficult circumstances. Not to mention, my mom wore the ring for years too, so there's all this supermom mojo happening. I should have put the thing on earlier! Now when K wakes up we're going to the Toddler Playgym and then we're muddling our way through the afternoon and I'm having girls' night with the high school pals before Hubby comes home late. Hm. Maybe I should warn the girls that the house hasn't really been cleaned in two weeks? Nah, they'll get over it. Hooray for dust and dog hair and sanity!
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