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Particle Accelerator Training: Day 6

K is so much sicker. The poor baby just sits there limp and wimpers. We're supposed to have a playdate today, but I can't subject other kids to this - that's not fair. So we're probably going to have two full days without leaving the house except to take out the trash. Sheesh, I'm starting to feel like I could use some backup. Eight more days. Really? Ick.

And as it turns out, the basement work will theoretically move forward next week. Here comes another few days of living with the boys at Mom and Dad's place. Well, I'll worry about that later. Today I just have to figure out what to do with a sick baby and how to get the post office.

2PM. Thank heaven for neighbors. Great neighbors who run to the post office for you and come hang out for half an hour just so you have a few extra hands at lunchtime. An incredible help.

Also thank heaven that Q is a sound sleeper. The basement guys brought an army to come and walk around the basement for 45 minutes during naps. They all showed up at different times and knocked on the door and the dog flipped out every time. K's nap didn't survive, but Q is still out like a light. Amazing little boy.

7:39 PM. The boys are washed fed and tucked into bed. The dishes are washed, the house is clean, the toys are put away, and the laundry is caught-up-on. I am now going to pretend it's really a Friday night and relax the heck out of it.

I am also going to make sure to note that K got much better as the day went on. We had some serious fun while Q was sleeping - K sat up and played for a while, and that's a milestone he's been creeping toward. He also is getting really good at holding on to things to stand up. Once he gets that balance down, I suspect he'll be walking before he crawls. And Q, I just discovered, is tall enough not to fit under the changing table anymore. Last week his head cleared it, but now he's even taller and before I know it he'll be taller than me and going off to college. He decided this morning that he wanted to wear socks, and he put a tan sock on his left foot, then FIVE socks on his right foot. Goofball. He also told me that he was in the "sock gap" when I was getting him ready for his bath. What has Hobie been teaching that boy? :)
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