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Particle Accelerator Training: Days 8, 9, and 10

I have been remiss. Here are the last few days.

Day 8 was much better than Day 7. I regained my equillibrium and again remembered my mantra. It helped very much that Amy came over for the entire afternoon just to help out. I was able to get the kids packed up and even got out to run an errand. It was lovely. And then we had our birthday celebration for my little sis that night at mom and dad's. I am one of those people who genuinely enjoys being with my family, so that night was great. By the end of that day, I found myself very pleased that I could say, "8 days down, only 5 to go!" Yep, five. He's only gone 13 days, not 14, and somehow it felt like I had been gifted a day.

Then came Day 9. Started out well, the boys slept in. I had my dentist appointment at noon, and my mom had offered to watch the boys while I was out. Glorious! I don't remember ever looking forward to a dentist appointment so much. The hygenist thinks I need to get a life. I did manage to go out for lunch and hang out at the knit shop for a while. Somehow I sensed that I was needed, though, and headed home. Sure enough... the boys hadn't napped well, K's fever was back up (the fifth day in a row!), and my mom seemed like she needed a hot bath. From there, poor K was sick as a dog and Q decided that it was an appropriate time to test all of his limits. The kid listened to no one - not JoJo, certainly not Papa, and not Mommy. By the time we got them in bed (after an hour of crying from the little one), we all needed a hot bath. To top it off, I got a text message (not even the courtesy of a phone call, thank you very much) to say that the basement guys hadn't shown up, but they'll be there on Wednesday and Thursday. Well, Dear Internet, the whole damn reason we were at my parents' place (for the third time in two weeks) to stay over was because they were to have been working on the basement. He was a no-show for the third time. Pretty furious at this point. I think it says something that at the end of Day 8, I thought ONLY 5 days left, and by the end of Day 9 I was thinking that 4 days felt really long.

In comes Day 10. I'm tired already. And I think my parents are too. I skipped music class to take poor K to the doc (we were late, of course), where I discovered that his fever is due to a bad ear infection. Poor kid! Somehow, though, I think knowing that made it easier. At least now I have an explanation for the fussy, the fever, and the sleeplessness. We actually got everybody and everything in the car with only minimal fighting (with the dog, of all things! I had to pick all 90 pounds of him up to put him in the car b/c he wanted to stay at Grandmas!) and the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We got through it. Still not sure how to get K to take his antibiotics, but we're getting by again with some measure of grace and aplomb. And though I have now started off Day 11 with the nasty cold that the boys have had for the past week, I think we're going to make it!
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