jrstraus (jrstraus) wrote,

Particle Accelerator Training: Day 7

Grace and aplomb have left me for the evening.
I have two sick babies and have been watching them by myself for the last seven days, and still have seven more to go. The baby is sick and exhausted and won't let me put him down, and is prone to crying for an hour in the evenings for no discernable reason, even after he's been fed. His big brother has been testing me all day. We hadn't been out of the house in two days so went to music class this morning, just hoping that if I kept the baby from touching anything that maybe they wouldn't get anyone else sick. Q took the opportunity to pull the curtains down and make me chase him the whole class. Something smells in the fridge. I haven't been able to empty the dishwasher all day, though I'm not sure I'm eating, so I'm not sure there are really any dishes to wash today. The recycling needs to go out again, the laundry needs to be done. The toddler is still testing me, throwing his fork on the floor, opening the dishwasher. He actually grabbed a pan on the stove while I was making dinner - thank god I hadn't turned the burner on yet.
My patience is gone. I wonder if you can get it on credit.
I think just for tonight I am going to abandon the idea of grace and aplomb, with the prospect of a crying baby in a few hours and seven more days of this, and I'm going to allow myself to curl up in a ball and cry.
In a few hours I will remember that I can do anything for two weeks.
Tags: particle accelerator camp
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