jrstraus (jrstraus) wrote,

Particle Accelerator Training: Day 2

Day 2. Boys slept well, so the day started off well. We were going to have a bunch of jackhammering in the basement today and on Day 3, so I had planned to load up my entire household, dog and all, (Thumb was guarding the house) and take them to my parents' for a sleepover. This was met with much trepidation, but I was determined that it should work out. I was so successful at getting everything packed up and ready to go, taking care of Thumbelina's needs as well as the boys' and stowing valuables and covering things that I didn't want covered in cement dust.

And then we waited.

And waited.

An hour. With a tired baby and a boy who I see by this point has a nasty, surly cold.

Screw it. With grace and aplomb, gave up on waiting for the basement guy - I'd just give him the keycode and a piece of my mind - and I put everybody in the car.

Five minutes into the drive, I find that all this has been in vain, because the basment guy has the flu. Deep breaths. We just kept going.

The day went generally well after that, though it's never fun to have an inconsolable sleepless baby at someone else's house. We had fun. Day 2 down, with grace and aplomb.
Tags: particle accelerator camp
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