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Particle Accelerator Training: Day 1

Amy has suggested that for these two weeks that Hobie is away at Particle Accelerator Camp and while I am here with the boys, I should blog about it. I think she's right, and that it might amuse me - something utterly necessary for us all to survive this Dad's Away experiment.

Day 1: Hobie got himself and his luggage into the car, and Quinn is so intrigued by the "Man" that left with Daddy - the driver. I've been hearing about Daddy's luggage and the man all day. We handled this day with all the grace and aplomb that I could hope for. We played with the airport and sent daddy in the taxi and on the plane and made sure his luggage didn't get lost. The day was actually much easier because I loaded the boys up and took them to my mom and dad's, where their wonderful Aunt Jill babysat with cousin Halle so I could go down to tea at the Drake to wish Seebany happy birthday and safe travels (she's moving to CA - boo!). Packing up the boys to go back and forth was a little bit of a headache and we missed baths and bedtime, but the day was quite a success. I guess that will happen when somebody else watches the kids for a good chunk of the day!
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