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Quinn talks in his sleep.  It's cute, and sometimes a little creepy. (Imagine tiny little voice saying "Mommy, ... Mommy..." in the middle of the night, and then going into their room finding them both asleep.  Creepy).

He's also having a hard time saying "y"'s, so if he offers you a "lucky" diaper, think twice.  I just love it when he calls JoJo Cookies "lummy."

He's really starting to get a mind of his own.  The other day, totally unprompted, he said "want zucchini bread", just like that.  Prior to that, the last time we had talked about it was probably a month before, and he called it kiwi bread.  He's even coming out with what are pretty much full sentences.  And if you've never heard a 23 month old say "semi-circle,"  or "one, two, nine, ten," you're really missing out.  He's just such a joy and such a good kid that I can't help but feel like we lucked out, even when he's excercising his toddler privledge to say "no" in answer to every question.  Especially if he nods his head while he says it. 

And Kai is really starting to notice the world around him.  He loves to look out the window and watch the leaves moving in the trees, just like his big brother did.  He adores the bath and will smile and splash like crazy when I turn on the sink sprayer to rinse him off.  I think he's recognizing songs... today when I started to sing "Ram Sam Sam" (from Music Together class) to him, his whole face brightened into a giant smile, and I was only on the first note!  He can get his hands into his mouth, and his toe into his mouth, and anything else he can manage to get into his hands into his mouth.  And he seems to look for me when he hears my voice if I'm not the one holding him, and he brightens when he sees my face.  That's just one of the greatest things in the world. 

I love my kids, and I think I really lucked out.  Even though it's really, really hard sometimes, and even though I haven't had a decent night's sleep since the beginning of June, I'm very happy to have the adorable little guys.
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